About us

The Story of our Company

Remembering the  timely support and savings  from the past by our Great Grandpa, Grandmas and our Graced parents; and now under N. R. Kotecha we in time learnt that this asset, assured with, utmost confidence and sound values along with the lovable saying, “Money brings Money”, “Old is Gold”, “Every penny counts”, thus recollected on the same with the right efforts & hard work;  Now we would like to  pass the same through this lifetime that the better of the best is followed & presented again with passion and love.  

 The Vision –  Collection to the Royals  

Just like restaurants, shops, malls, banks and many more establishments can now remain open 24/7 for 365 days; We would like you to come aboard on our train of money routed to all your desired collections.
ith each specialized boogie stationed here. – Basket now with online ticket transferring bringing the asset for today that can be accumulated with 100 % guarantee and 100% satisfaction and thus travelling to your destination i.e to your door-step bringing with it to  you the true happiness and joy 

With the direct ticket being issued  to you in ensuring the genuine collection of coins as Copper, silver, token coins; along with the circulated and UNC old currency notes with unique fancy number notes found to its best with the value for the money have been listed.

Being the 361th life member associated with the Dakshina Kannada Philatelic & Numismatic Association, Mangalore, 575001 since 2013, As well as from eBay 24-am-pm, has traveled and transported almost to all around India. And now welcomes you to join this journey. A saga of collections.

We are more of a collector and we do this out of passion than anything else.  Therefore we expect our transaction to be traffic less and relaxed… making it a direct easy and pleasant experience.  We request you to please take this opportunity to win more items and enhance your collection. your suggestion or necessary comments are always welcomed to ensure that the benefit is shared with top class consciousness.