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Coins give proof of workmanship and economy as well as an astuteness for understanding the history and governance of a country. As methods for correspondence, they address the political and religious belief systems that supported a ruler’s or state’s claim to economic control.

Since ancient times, governments have delivered coins to build up an anticipated shape or cash for their nationals. Canada and the United States have their dollars, Russia has its ruble, individuals in China trade yuan for merchandise and ventures, and nations from England to Australia execute exchanges of various types in pounds.

While a great part of the contemporary enthusiasm for Indian coins whirls around the categories

printed amid the practically century-long time of the British Raj (1858-1947), old coins were additionally struck on the subcontinent. Coins available for use in the vicinity of 300 and 200 BC were traded from what is currently Afghanistan to India. A couple of hundred years after the fact, bronze Kushan domain coins sold out Greek impacts; silver and copper coins bearing pictures of Brahman bulls and Arabic written work were stamped in the hundreds of years that took after.

The difference in the coinage then and now is so huge that, We’ve already forgotten how we did business back in the days. So let me brief you on how our ancestors did it. In different parts of the planet, individuals attempted to utilize rice, or bread, or chocolate as cash. In any case, that did not work exceptionally well. The nourishment turned sour, or it was eaten. Individuals soon discovered that albeit numerous things would fill in as cash, to be valuable, the thing or things they utilized as cash needed to take after a couple of basic principles:

  • It should be agreed upon by everyone that it was cash.
  • It needed to have a relegated esteem or worth
  • It must be anything but difficult to convey
  • It must be made of a solid material, something that could be given from individual to individual.

That was when coins or currency came to existence and no matter what we think about how they did it,  There’ll always be a token of appreciation to what they did.

We have propelled this site with the essential goal to spread instruction about different mint pieces of India, The ones that are rare and antique coins to help every numismatist, currency gatherers, merchants and others to finish their accumulation. This site incorporates all circled coins of the Republic of India, British India and also ancient India. The data of each coin is accumulated from different sources.

This is a genuine site which shows the pictures of all Indian Republic coins. The pictures make up most of the website as numismatic collectors love pictures, The coins issued between 1950-1956 are known as “Standard Coinage” while the coins from there on to till date are known as “Decimal Coinage”. Some uncommon coins were stamped in memory of exceptional occasions or individuals and these are known as “Commemorative Coins”. These coins have particular mint denote that were comprehensively ordered

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